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About IBBL: Management Committee
Md. Shamsul Huda
Executive Vice President
Janab. Md. Shamsul Huda, Executive Vice President, Shariah Secretariat, joined in Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited on the 1st February, 1987 as a Senior Officer (Muraquib). The management selected him as Shariah specialist to look after the Bank`s Shari`ah related issues . He successfully completed the Job Training for 90 (ninety) days at IBBL Nawabpur Branch and worked at Share division of the Bank on deputation. Since inception of his joining at Shariah Secretariat (the then Shariah Council Secretariat) he has been conducting the secretariat successfully and contributed a lot in product development of the Islamic Bank with immense of his experiences with accounting and Shariah background. At present, he is acting as divisional head of the Secretariat. Since he was appointed as Shariah specialist especially to look after the Shariah activities of the Bank, therefore, he has been serving at Shariah Secretariat from the beginning of his service.
He successfully completed the B.Com (Honours) M.com (Accounting) from the University of Dhaka and Kamil in Hadith from Bangladesh Madrashah Education Board. It is also mentionable here that he completed the Higher Education in the Faculty of Dawa and Islamic Theology from the Islamic University of Mediana Monawara, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He also completed the IBB-I from the Institute of Bankers Bangladesh (IBB) .
He achieved the wide range of professional and leadership exposure through participation in different National and International Training Programs, Seminars, and visited countries like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA),Iran, Bahrain, Malaysia,Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, etc. during his tenure of service.
Janab. Md. Shamsul Huda was born in 1959 at Laksam, Comilla. He is married and blessed with one son and three daughters.

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