Real Estate Investment (Commercial & Working Capital)

To support Developers for construction of Apartment/Commercial building to make arrangement for comfortable accommodation of the people in urban areas and socio-economic development of the country.


Target Group

a) Reputed Developer(s)/Businessmen.
b) Any other Professional(s) acceptable to the Bank.

Nature of Goods / Items

a) Construction of Apartment Building.
b) Construction of Commercial Building.

Mode of Investment

a) HPSM & b) Bai-Muajjal on revolving basis.

Period of Investment

For Working Capital to the Developer, reasonable period for completion of the project but not to exceed 5-years with a provision to extend period up to 8-years subject to viability of the project with sufficient grounds (if agreed) as a very special cases.

Rate of Return

9.00% or the rate to be determined by the Bank from time to time.

Amount of Investment

Any amount but not exceeding 10% of Bank's Equity.

Bank's Participation

For Working Capital to the Developer/Individual Owners up to 30% of the total construction cost including purchase cost of lift, generator, sub-station, central Air-conditioner etc. In case of High rise/big structured project /Land Owner amount may be allowed up to 35 % of construction cost.
Note: * High rise means above 10(Ten) storied building.
* Big structured means above 40 apartments building.

Age of Clients


Registered mortgage on land / building / flat, Personal Guarantee(s) of client / directors

How to Apply

Application Form shall have to be collected from nearest Branch of Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.

Important Downloads