Mudaraba Savings Bond (MSB)

Main Features

  • Persons aged 18 years and above shall be eligible to purchase Mudaraba Savings Bond in single name or in joint names, Educational Instituions, Clubs, Associations and other non-trading and non-profit socio-economic institutions shall also be eligible to purchase Bonds in the name of the institutions. Guardians shall be allowed to purchase Bonds jointly with a minor mentioning the age of the minor. Mudaraba Savings Bond shall be available I Tk.1000, Tk.5000, Tk.25000, Tk.50000, 1,00,000, Tk.5,00,000 and Tk.10,00,000 denominations

Required Documents

  • Complete account opening form
  • 02 copies passport size photographs of account holder duly attested by introducer
  • 1 copy photograph of nominee duly attested by the accountholder
  • Identification proof like National ID Card/Passport/Chairman certificate
  • Minimum deposit Tk.1000/-

Download A/C Opening Form

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