NRB (Non Resident Bangladeshi) Entrepreneurs Investment Scheme(NEIS)


i. To extend investment facilities to Bangladeshis(NRBs) and remit foreign currencies through IBBL.
ii. To promote SME investments.
iii. To encouraging flow of foreign remittance through banking channel and to curb money laundering.
iv. To create employment opportunities for NRBs on their return& their children.
v. To alleviate poverty and encourage development of indigenous/provide employment opportunity
vi. To the youth.

Target Group

Non Resident Bangladeshi / Bangladeshi Citizen reside in abroad for long time, remitted foreign currencies through IBBL channel and now in Bangladesh / Family members of the NRB i.e. Spouse, Sons and/or Daughters who is/are maintaining A/C with IBBL with the remittance of NRB routed through I BBL.

Nature of Goods / Items

Electrical and Electronics, Agro-processing /Agri-business /Plantation/Agriculture/Tissue Culture
Leather products, any other products

Mode of Investment

1. Term Investment : HPSM
2. Working Capital : Bai-Murabaha/Bai-Muajjal/ Musharaka/Mudaraba.
3. Trade Financing : Bai-Murabaha/Bai-Muajjal/ Musharaka/Mudaraba.

Period of Investment

Term Investment : Maximum 10 years
Working Capital and Trade Financing : Maximum 1 (one) years

Rate of Return

The rate of return shall be l3% or to be determined by the Bank from time to time.

Amount of Investment

Investment range shall be from Tk.0.05 million to Tk.100.00 million.

Bank's Participation

Capital Machinery : 80%
Project-Building/Structure : 40%
Murabaha/MPl : 75%
LC/Bills : 90%
Transport : 60%

Age of Clients

18 to 60 years


* Collaterals security may not be insisted up to Investment of Tk.0.50 million only.
* In case of investment exceeding Tk.0.50 million, collateral security shall have to be obtained as per Bank's usual norms and practices.

How to Apply

Application Form shall have to be collected from nearest Branch of Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.

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