Women Entrepreneurs Investment Scheme (WEIS)


i. To extend the investment facilities to Women
Entrepreneurs of different tires of the society.
ii. To assist the potential unemployed women to involve them
in production process.
iii. Uplift of socio-economic condition of women by diversifying
investment portfolio.

Target Group

Women Entrepreneurs / skilled and semi-skilled female persons having practical experience in the respective field / educated/technical unemployed female having initiatives / new women entrepreneurs / member of any Chamber/Trade body/Women forum.

Nature of Goods / Items

 Small manufacturing and Cottage industries, self-employment activities: Tailoring, various light engineering sector like Iron/Wooden Furniture Processing / Agribusiness / Specialist Farming, Seeds Production & Distribution, Leather Making/Leather Goods, Backward Linkage Industries of Garments & Poultry sectors etc.

 Service sector: Educational Services, Cosmetics/ Toiletries, Tailoring, Laundry, Small Hotel/Restaurant, Confectionery, Departmental Shop, Health Care, Diagnostic centre etc.

 Small Trading: Stationary Items, Wear and Consumption Goods, Book Stall, Drug & Medicines, Grocery Items, Shoe/Cloth Stall, Food/Vegetables/other consumer items etc..

 Any other items and areas suitable for this scheme.

Mode of Investment

1.Term Investment : HPSM
2. Working Capital : Bai-Murabaha/Bai-Muajjal/
3. Trade Financing : Bai-Murabaha/Bai-Muajjal/ Musharaka/Mudaraba.

Period of Investment

HPSM Mode : Maximum 05 (five) years
Bai Mode : Maximum 01 (one) year
Musharaka/Mudaraba Mode : 06 (six) months depending on
nature of items

Rate of Return

12 % or the rate to be fixed by Head Office from time to time.

Amount of Investment

Bank’s Investment to a single entrepreneur up to Tk.3.00 million

Bank's Participation

Age of Clients

18 to 50 years


 Security depends on the nature of business, modes and
amount of investment.
 Collaterals may not be insisted up to Investment of
Tk.0.50 million.

How to Apply

Application Form shall have to be collected from nearest Branch of Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.

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