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Wed September 23, 2020
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(An Islamic Microfinance Model)
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RDS Contents
Integrated Development approach
Target Area
Command Area and Baseline Survey
Target Group
Purpose, Period and Ceiling of investment
Rate of Return
Security Requirements
Savings Plan
Centre Fund
Modes of Investment
Sanction and Disbursement
Modus Operandi
Supervision, Follow-up and Monitoring
Investment under MEIS
Performance of Rural Development Scheme (RDS)
Integrated Development approach

The purpose of the Scheme is not only providing Micro Investment facilities to the stake- holder but also ensure various types of facilities & services to the downtrodden people as a part of Integrated Development Approach as well as Corporate Social Responsibility. The following areas have been covered under the Scheme:

Humanitarian Assistance Program.
Education Program.
Capacity building or Training Program.
Health & Medicare Program.
Environment protection Program.
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