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Wed September 23, 2020
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(An Islamic Microfinance Model)
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RDS Contents
Integrated Development approach
Target Area
Command Area and Baseline Survey
Target Group
Purpose, Period and Ceiling of investment
Rate of Return
Security Requirements
Savings Plan
Centre Fund
Modes of Investment
Sanction and Disbursement
Modus Operandi
Supervision, Follow-up and Monitoring
Investment under MEIS
Performance of Rural Development Scheme (RDS)
Sanction and Disbursement
On the basis of the list submitted by the Field Officers, the Investment Committee of the Branch carefully scrutinizes the applications and sanction the investment at the Branch level. The Investment Committee consists of Manager, Project Officer and the Field Officer.
After sanction of the investment, the Branch complete documentation formalities and then disburse the amount with the help of the Investment Officer and Field Officer.
Investment under RDS in Bai-Muajjal mode, where actual cost, quality or suppliers of the goods can not be determined earlier, proposed goods are purchased to the debit of Suspense A/c (Purchase A/c). After purchase of the goods and handing over the same to the clients, investment is made by adjusting Purchase A/c.
Where the Bank officials can not go to the market for purchasing the goods, the Bank nominate a buying agent and handover the goods to the client after intimation to the Bank.

In all the cases, Branch must ensure strict adherence to the banking and Shariah norms.

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