IBBL Call Center and Phone Banking

What is Phone Banking and Call Center

Phone Banking and Call Center is a modern banking service by which, clients can get 24 hours of service over any mobile/T&T phone without going to any branch and can avail all sort of queries/ requests/ complaints about  Islami Banking services.

The Features of Phone banking and Call Center

  • An unique Banking service that driven by Islami Shariyah.
  • 24 hours/day, 7days/week and 365 days/year banking facilities.
  • Clients need not go to branches for availing services.
  • Clients can avail services from all over the world with Bangladesh.
  • Runs with latest technology to ensure highest standard of security.
  • Customers can transact their money in different way by own self except cash transaction.
  • Providing Automated services to the present and future clients from Bank.
  • Customer can avail this service form any Mobile/PSTN provider.

Phone Banking Services
  • Fund Transfer
  • Check account Balance
  • Check Mini Statement
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Utilities Bill Payment
  • Request for T-pin and Change

Islami Bank Call Center Services

  • Clients can get services about their queries, request and complaints from one center
  • Simplified and Modern banking transaction
  • Cheque book requisition
  • Stop payment Request
  • 7 days notice input
  • Standing Instruction input
  • Restriction to account
  • Queries about different deposit schemes
  • Inquiries about profit rate
  • Different Investment related information
  • SMS Banking/ i Banking/ Mobile Banking related information and services
  • ATM related queries/ request and complaints services
  • Foreign remittance related information and services
  • Debit card/ Credit Card/ Remittance card information and services
  • Online Banking related information and services
  • HRD related information and many more

Registration procedures for Phone Banking

There are two ways to Phone Banking Registration.

  • Clients can register to this service from their nearby IBBL Branch
  • By dialing 16259 or (+8802) 8331090 client can register to this service by our Customer Care Agent

TPIN related Information

After successful registration client will be provided a four digits secured TPIN (Telephone personal Identification Number). This TPIN will provide sufficient security for the client and will be needed for every operation all time. Thus this number has to be preserved carefully and maintained with secrecy. Client can change TPIN anytime at will.

Fund Transfer

  1. To make Fund Transfer more secured client will be provided an OTP (One Time Password) which will be valid for only 30 minutes.
  2. Daily fund transfer limit is BDT 20000 Only.

Phone Banking Service Charge

  • Mobile Recharge : Free
  • A/C balance check: Free
  • Mini-statement check: Free
  • Fund Transfer: BDT 5.00/ Transaction

How Phone Banking and call Center will help Clients

After dialing 16259 or (+8802) 8331090 clients can avail their required services by selecting different options. Flow chart for common services as below:

# Current Balance Check

16259 → 1 → 1 → 11 Digits A/C No.# → TPIN → 1 → 2 for SMS

# Mini-statement Check

16259 → 1 → 1 → 11 Digits A/C No.# → TPIN → 2 → 2 for sms /or 3 for e-mail

# Fund Transfer purpose

16259 → 1 → 1 → 11 Digits A/C No.# → TPIN → 3 → 1 for transfer, 2 for new OTP → Destination A/C no. # → amount # → 1 for confirmation → OTP, 2 for Cancel.

# For Mobile Recharge

16259 → 1 → 1 → 11 Digits A/C No.# → TPIN → 4 → 1 for own Mobile number & 2 for Others Mobile number → 1 for post-paid & 2 for pre-paid → Mobile No. (if other) → amount # → 1 for confirmation and 2 for cancel.

# Change TPIN

16259 → 6 → 2 → 11 digit A/C no. # → Old TPIN → New TPIN → Re enter New TPIN.

# For Customer Care help

16259 →1 or 2 (Language selection) → 0 (Zero)

How safe Phone Banking is

Phone banking is totally a safe and secured system where, client has been provided a 4 Digits Pin code that none but him can be disclosed. However, in case of fund transfer client will receive  another OTP (One Time Password) by SMS without what fund transfer can not be done. Risks of cash transaction is reduced by this way.


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