POS Terminal (short for Point-of-Sale) is a machine that receives payment using plastic banking cards. It facilitates cashless safe transactions for selling shops & service providers and  gives customers freedom of moving without cash. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited is operating Merchant POS service as well as offering direct POS facilities at its Branch/Agent terminals.

Services thru Branch/Agent POS

  • Cash withdrawal up to Tk. 3 lac
  • Balance enquiry
  • Fund transfer
  • reen PIN Setup

Merchant POS

  • Accepts Debit, Credit or Prepaid plastic card
  • Any Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay or NPSB sealed card
  • Secured Payment
  • Eliminates use of Cash
  • Zero installation fee
  • Automated  and TIPS settlement
  • Low Settlement Fees
  • Instant EMI
  • Pre-auth

IBBL is committed to expand acquiring business in the POS industry to ensure a Digital Cashless society. Any current account holder having a valid trade license of any valid & Halal business can apply for POS service from IBBL Branches. After proper verification POS is provided from head office if the proposed business is feasibly fit for availing the POS.