IBBL Agent Banking

Agent banking is the rendering of basic banking services in remote areas by appointed agents. An agent banking outlet functions like a branch but operates at their own arrangement. With a view to bring the country’s vast remote population under banking services, IBBL commenced agent banking operation in July 2017. Currently 2,693 agent outlets across the country are providing IBBL’s banking service.

Our Services

  1. Opening bank accounts

  2. Cash deposits, withdrawals and fund transfers

  3. Withdraw money through POS

  4. Payment of foreign remittances 

  5. Payment of utility bills (gas, water and electricity) 
  6. Account balance inquiry and statement of accounts

  7. Issuing cheque book and debit cards against accounts

  8. Receiving clearing cheques 
  9. Disbursement of investment and collection of installments 

However, transaction through cheque or Foreign Currency is not available