Islami Bank offers on-premise clearing service and a number of electronic channels for sending money to other commercial banks .



  • Transfer to any schedule bank
  • Transactions starts from Tk. 100/-



  • Minimum: Tk. 100/-, Maximum: Tk. 500,000/- a day
  • Up to 20 transactions per day.

Payment Schedule:

Issued before 12.00PM

Transferred on the same day

Issued after 12.00PM

Transferred on the next business day

Issued during holiday

Transferred on next business day


  • iBanking : Taka 0.25 per thousand (minimum Tk. 5, maximum Tk. 100)
  • VAT as per govt.rule will be added
  • No EFT charge in Branch

Serivice available thru:

  • Branch (clearing section)
  • i-banking
  • Cellfin

RTGS Fund Transfer


Real time Fund Transfer

Trasnsfer to any scheduled bank

Transfer Limit:

Maximum Transfer limit Amount
Minimum Per Transaction 100,000.00
Daily Total Amount 500,000.00
No of Transaction Daily 5


Operation time:

Starts 9:00 AM, Ends 2:30 PM; Holiday is OFF


Tk. 100 per transaction  (VAT as per govt.rule will be added)

NPSB Fund Transfer

In NPSB system transfer of funds takes place from account/card of a bank to account/card of another bank on real-time. Real-time refers to transactions that do not need any waiting period and will be credited instantly. Currently 30 banks are interconnected for their IBFT transactions.

Transfer Limit

Maximum Transfer limit Individual Organisation
Maximum Per Transaction 50,000/- 50,000/-
Daily Total Amount 500,000/- 1,000,000/-
No of Transaction Daily 10 20


Tk. 0.025% of transaction amt. Minimum Tk. 10/-, Maximum Tk. 100/-

Serivice available thru:

  • i-banking
  • Cellfin