Polli Griha Nirman Biniyog Prokalpa (PGNBP)

Support to purchase ready-made house / construction / upgradation / renovation of dwelling house of rural people.To assist the prospective, capable and potential rural inhabitants considering them as vital force of human resources of the country and to ensure their shelter and safe living . To provide hygienic living place to the rural inhabitants and their next generation.To improve the socio-econic condition of rural inhabitants and to upgrade their living standard.


Target Group

i. Bangladeshi Nationals- age between 18-65 years
ii. Permanent Employee of Government/Semi-Government/Autonomous Bodies and Established & Reputed Companies.
iii. Teachers and Employees of School, Madrasah, Colleges, Universities and other educational Institutions.
iv. Wage earners / Local farmers / businessmen / fishermen and other professionals.
v. Members / Clients of Rural Development Scheme (RDS) having good repayment record for the last 5-years.

Nature of Goods / Items

Semi- Pucca with RCC pillars, Building with foundation, Tin-shed structure with RCC pillars etc.

Mode of Investment


Period of Investment

Maximum 10-years excluding maximum 12-months gestation period.

Rate of Return

9.00% or the rate to be determined by the Bank from time to time.

Amount of Investment

Maximum Tk.1.00 million.

Bank's Participation

Investment equity ratio 60:40

Age of Clients

Minimum 21-years & Maximum 65-years at the time of application.


Registered Mortgage on Scheduled land & Building/Flat/Spaces/House.

How to Apply

Application Form shall have to be collected from nearest Branch of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited.

Important Downloads