Agricultural Implements Investment Scheme (AIIS)

 To provide power tillers, power pumps, shallow tube wells, thresher machines etc. on easy terms to unemployed rural youths for self-employment.To the farmers to help augment production in agriculture sector.


Target Group

Educated / Uneducated farmers & persons / Educated or less educated youth Farmers and individual person related to agriculture.

Nature of Goods / Items

Power Tiller, Power Pump, Deep Tube-well, Shallow Tube-well, Thresher Machine, Combined Harvester, Tractor, Rice Trans-planter, USG making machine, Drum Sedder, Weeder, Agro processing macineries & similar any other machineries equipments etc.

Mode of Investment

Bai-Muajjal / HPSM (Considering the items)

Period of Investment

Bai-Muajjal -Maximum 1-year & HPSM Maximum 3-years.

Rate of Return

9.00% or the rate to be determined by the Bank from time to time.

Amount of Investment

Maximum Tk.0.50 million

Bank's Participation

Bank equity ratio 80:20

Age of Clients


Hypothication on Goods + PG + Registered mortgage of Collateral / Lien of Liquid Securities. Investment up to Tk.0.10 million Against PG must ensure proper supervision & follow-up to recovery in all respect.

How to Apply

Application Form shall have to be collected from nearest Branch of Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.

Important Downloads