IBBL Deposit Card





Objectives of IBBL “Deposit Card”

  •  To make easy cash deposit in CRM as much as possible so that the customers feel user friendly & convenient to deposit through the Deposit Card.
  •  Implementation of Green Banking i.e. banking without deposit sleep & engagement of Bank officials.
  •  Reduce rush and queue from branch premises.
  •  Facilitate the customers to avail this ADC service.


Eligible Accounts for IBBL “Deposit Card”
IBBL “Deposit Card” may be issued against the following accounts:

  •  Al-Wadeah Current Account (AWCA)
  •  Mudaraba Savings Account (MSA)
  •  Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit Account (MSNDA)
  •  Mudaraba Special Savings Account (MSSA)
  •  Mudaraba Muhor Savings Account (MMSA)
  •  Students Mudaraba Savings Account (SMSA)
  •  Mudaraba Farmers Savings Account (MFSA).


Charges/ Fees for issuing Deposit Card
 Issuing Charge is Tk. 50.00 (Fifty) only for each Deposit Card.
 Issuing Charge/ Fee can be recovered as Cash or Deduct from respective Customer Account while delivering the card to the customer.