Agricultural Investment of IBBL

To extend the investment facility to the Share Cropper, Small & Marginal farmers & underdeveloped caste of the society; To achieve self sufficiency in the food; To motivate the farmers to produce the most popular & high yielding variety; To extend the investment facility to the multipurpose sector & sub sector of Agriculture; To assist the farmers to use the modern technology in the Agriculture.


Target Group

i. Permanent resident of the concerned area;
ii. Share Cropper;
iii. Small & Marginal Farmers;
iv. The person directly engaged in Agriculture/ Income generating activities who is not defaulter client and have experience about the concerned sector.

Nature of Goods / Items

Three core sectors, which are Crops, Fisheries & Livestock.

Mode of Investment

Bai Murabaha, Bai Muazzal, Mudaraba, Musharaka, Bai Salam,

Period of Investment

6 months to 5 years

Rate of Return

12.50% for Crop Cultivation
13.00% for others.

Amount of Investment

0.50 lac to 10.00 lac

Bank's Participation

Depends on sector and investment nature

Age of Clients


Up to Tk. 1.00 lac (Personal Guarantee/ crop hypothecation) Collateral is required above Tk. 1.00 lac

How to Apply

Application form shall have to be collected from the nearest Branch of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited.

Important Downloads